With rumors heating up that the developer beta for OS X 10.9 may be right around the corner, InfoWorld polled users as to what that last version in the 10.x lineup should be called. Apple has used most of the available "big cat" names already, leaving just two available: cougar or clouded leopard.

Of course, Apple could reuse the name of OS X 10.0 - Cheetah - since Apple wasn't formally using the big-cat names for its Mac OS in that era, just using them as internal code names. Or maybe it could choose Sabertooth as a nod to the end of OS X. Or Apple could reach into the medium-cat family and pick lynx or ocelot.

So what did InfoWorld's readers pick? Based on 1,453 responses, OS X 10.9 Lynx carried the day with the most votes. The tallies for the six proposed names were:

  • Lynx: 30.14 percent
  • Cougar: 21.82 percent
  • Sabertooth: 20.78 percent
  • Ocelot: 10.74 percent
  • Cheetah: 10.12 percent
  • Clouded leopard: 6.40 percent

For the record, here are the names used so far: 10.0 Cheetah (March 2001), 10.1 Puma (September 2001), 10.2 Jaguar (August 2002), 10.3 Panther (October 2003), 10.4 Tiger (April 2005), 10.5 Leopard (October 2007), 10.6 Snow Leopard (August 2009), 10.7 Lion (July 2011), and 10.8 Mountain Lion (July 2012). OS X 10.2 Jaguar marked the first time the big-cat was part of the OS's formal name.

The online poll remains open if you want to add your voice.

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