While MacBook Pro availability in the UK continues to improve, some Apple products are playing hard to get.

Apple this week began promising UK customers that any new MacBook Pros ordered would ship within 24-hours, but the buying opportunity for the remaining PowerPC PowerBooks (the 12-inch and 17-inch models) may be coming to a close.

Macworld UK has learned that the availability of both remaining PowerBooks to sales channels is shrinking fast. Unfulfilled orders of both machines appear unlikely to be met in the next three weeks.

An AppleInsider report today speculated that Apple may usher in a 17-inch MacBook Pro at the National Association of Broadcastwers (NAB) show, which begins this week.

iBooks remain in good supply in channel, sources say, but 60GB iPods with video appear in short supply, with white models particularly hard to get. 30GB iPods remain fully supplied.

It's uncertain if this reflects a temporary inventory blip.