The 1394 Trade Association (TA) and Apple today announced that the FireWire trademark, logo and symbol have been adopted as a brand identity for the IEEE 1394 connection standard in a no-fee licence agreement between the TA and Apple. In addition, Apple has granted the TA the right to sub-license the FireWire Trademark for use on products, packaging and promotion of the standard.

"Apple is delighted that the 1394 Trade Association has decided to adopt FireWire as a brand identity," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "This is yet another significant sign that FireWire momentum continues to build in the marketplace."

Apple invented the high-speed, hot-pluggable connection technology, and was the first PC maker to add it as standard across its range.

Number-one high-speed interface FireWire is the number-one interface for the majority of digital video and audio devices, as well as many external hard drives and other high-speed peripherals. Sony uses FireWire on its digital camcorders and builds it into many of its PCs. It calls IEEE 1394 “I.Link”. It is not known whether Sony will now go with the crowd and call it FireWire.

FireWire has become the established industry standard for both consumers and professionals. Analysts predict that FireWire will be included on more than 64 million personal computers and nearly 100 million digital devices by the end of this year.

Also included in the agreement, which was approved by the 1394 Trade Association Board of Directors, is a new version of the FireWire logo specifically designed for the TA's compliance programme. Apple has granted the TA the exclusive right to sub-license the FireWire compliance logo to other vendors.

"The adoption of FireWire as our promotional and compliance logo gives consumers a simple way to identify products based on this connection standard," said Brian Eble, director of marketing of the 1394 Trade Association. "This agreement makes FireWire the recognisable brand for 1394 enabled products."