Maxtor will announce two hard drives tomorrow, including one with 160GB of storage space.

The Maxtor DiamondMax D540X, is a 160G-byte hard drive running at 5,400rpm (revolutions per minute). It uses Maxtor's Ultra Advanced Technology Attachment/133, which enables transfer speeds of up to 133MB per second, 33 per cent faster than the previous version, Maxtor said in a statement. Maxtor unveiled the ATA/133 standard in August.

The second drive, the DiamondMax Plus D740X, operates at a higher speed rather than providing a larger capacity. It combines ATA/133 transfer technology with a 7,200rpm speed, and can store 40GB per platter, allowing up to 80GB on a drive, the company said.

Both drives are bundled with an ATA controller card that supports transfer speeds of up to 133MB per second, Maxtor said. Both the drives and the controller cards are backward-compatible with older ATA cards.

The D540X drive will also be integrated into the MaxAttach NAS 6000, an enterprise-class file server that Maxtor will announce on Tuesday at the Networld+Interop conference in Atlanta, the company said.

The D540X will be available from early October, at the suggested retail price of $400, while the D740X is available immediately, for the suggested retail price of $250.