Confirming expectations, IBM has delivered the 750FX PowerPC processor, an upgrade to its G3 line.

The company took the wraps of its new product at the Microprocessor Forum in San Jose. It runs at between 700MHz and 1GHz and possesses a 512K on-die L2 cache.

It utilizes IBM's advanced 0.13-micron copper process that exploits Silicon On Insulator (SOI) and a technology called SiLK low-K dielectric. IBM's new offering is its highest performing PowerPC product because it harnesses these new microprocessor innovations. SOI reduces power consumption, as does SiLK low-K. The 0.13 micron copper delivers 3.6W of power at 800MHz, substantially lower than equivalent processors.

Previous versions of the 750 (the 750CX and 750Cxe) are used in iMacs and iBooks. The new processor offers double the L2 cache, and doubles the peak bus speed to 200MHz. The bus has also been given some efficiency improvements to deliver 25 per cent greater bandwidth on the bus. If used in Macs, iBooks and iMacs will benefit from both faster processor speeds and much improved system performance.