The year 2012 was incredibly big for Apple fans, Macworld readers and owners of all iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.

Here we take a look at the biggest stories of 2012.

20. How to get Google Maps back on an iOS 6 iPhone

Seems a lot of people wanted to get Google Maps back as soon as it was removed from iOS 6. This article looked at using the Google Maps web service on an iPhone, although Google has since released a dedicated Google Maps iOS app. Interestingly, though, our in-depth tests shows that Apple Maps is better for turn-by-turn navigation, which was the reason Apple replaced Google Maps in the first place.

Google Maps

19. New iPad 5 release date, rumours and leaked images

No sooner did the iPad 4 come out, than people started to show interest in the iPad 5. This article is our place for all iPad 5-related rumours. There's a surprising amount of iPhone 6 rumours and related information out there already.

18. iOS 6 requires iTunes 10.6, requires Snow Leopard... How do I get Snow Leopard?

A lot of our readers were still using 10.5 Leopard, and Apple's App Store-only update to Mountain Lion left them out of luck. This article helped them out by outlining how to move from Leopard to Snow Leopard even after Apple was non longer selling the upgrade.

17. New MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac coming June, iPhone in October

Well we were on the ball for October. But the iMac didn't come until November 2012. This article outlined a lot of information about the upcoming Macs, showing that our readers were more than ready for new Apple Mac computers as well as the iPhone.

16. Apple iOS 6 review

And very good it is too (apart from Apple Maps, although we've started to worry less now that Google Maps is back). This article was our in-depth look at iOS 6.

15. Apple about to introduce new iMac... but it won’t have a retina display

And it didn't, which is a shame but given the cost involved not a surprise.

New iMac 2012

14. iPhone 5 review

The best iPhone yet, until the iPhone 6 comes out. This was our main iPhone 5 review feature, and although we had some misgivings about Lightning, the overall opinion of the iPhone 5 was high. We still feel that it was a step forward, however, rather than the leap many people were hoping for.

13. New iPad causing rise in shoulder injuries

But iPad mini taking some of the strain away. But that iPad is heavier than you think so be careful when lugging it around all day long.

12. Macworld Feature: 30 reasons you need iOS 6

In the Maps furore it's easy to overlook all the great things that were included in iOS 6. Prior to the launch of iOS 6 this feature outlined everything that Macworld readers could look forward to.

11. Massive Apple patent win could kill off Android completely

The Apple/Samsung/Google patent wars battle on. This seemed to be the article that caught the attention of our readers, presumably hoping for Apple to decisively win the war against Android.

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