Apple has introduced a 20-inch Cinema Display and reduced prices across its range of flat-screen active-matrix LCD monitors.

The 20-inch Cinema Display is a professional-quality wide-format screen offering a resolution of 1,680-x-1,050 pixels. It costs £1,099, including VAT.

Apple has withdrawn its previously-available 22-inch Cinema Display, but points out that the new 20-inch display offers the same screen space.

Apple has cut the US price of its 23-inch HD Cinema Display (1,920-x-1,200 pixels) from £2,599 to £1,699 - a phenomenal £900 saving.

Apple also cut the price of its 17-inch Studio Display to £549 from £699, a £150 drop.

The company's vice president of hardware product marketing Greg Joswiak said: "The new 20-inch Cinema Display offers more pixels than our previous 22-inch product. We have priced it very aggressively at £1,099."

Under two inches thick, the Cinema Display provides a wide-format design (16:10 aspect ratio), so users can easily view a full 11-x-17-inch two-page spread, or a DVD movie.

It uses Apple's Display Connector (ADC) technology that carries the digital video signal, USB data and power over a single cable to minimize cable clutter. It also offers a self-powered, two-port USB hub for easy connection to peripherals.

The new displays are available now.