More than 10,000 developers are working on Mac OS X solutions, Apple has target="_blank">announced.

Apple, set to launch its next-generation, Unix-based operating system in just 48 hours, reveals that more than 10,000 developer organizations are working on around 20,000 Carbonized applications. Apple says that yesterday alone, 350 Mac OS X applications shipped.

A number of key OS X developers – including Microsoft, Macromedia, IBM and Alias|Wavefront – queued up to give Apple's ground-breaking OS a ringing endorsement:

target="_blank"> Microsoft “Microsoft congratulates Apple on shipping Mac OS X, the rock-solid new foundation that our Mac customers have been waiting for,” said Kevin Browne, general manager of Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit. “Customers will find a native version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1 for Mac Preview Release installed with Mac OS X, and Microsoft looks forward to providing a great native version of Microsoft Office 10 for Mac OS X this fall.”

target="_blank"> Alias|Wavefront Richard Kerris, director of Maya technology, said: "For the first release of a brand-new operating system, OS X has a ton of power at its core, and Apple’s done a great job of implementing its support for Open GL.

"The foundation of Mac OS X provides an open environment which will be familiar to our high-end customers, and on the surface is the amazing Aqua user interface, which will take Maya to a whole new market of graphic professionals."

target="_blank"> Connectix "OS X is another example of Apple taking personal computing to the next level," said Mitchell Cipriano, vice president of marketing. "OS X is the ideal platform on which to build a better Virtual PC, the best selling cross-platform solution for the Mac. Look for Virtual PC for OS X this summer.”

target="_blank"> Dantz Chief technical officer Richard Zulch said: "OS X is the most powerful operating system ever designed for a personal computer. We’ll release the first Retrospect backup product for this revolutionary new OS just three weeks from today.”

target="_blank"> FileMaker President Dominique Goupil said: “Mac OS X represents a leap forward, which will enable a new generation of phenomenal Mac applications. We're excited about the user experience we'll be able to deliver based on the Aqua interface and other Mac OS X features.”

target="_blank"> IBM Krishna Nathan, director of consumer voice systems, said: “IBM plans to deliver ViaVoice for the OS X in US English later this year, and is evaluating European and Japanese IBM ViaVoice solutions.”

target="_blank"> Macromedia Chairman and CEO Rob Burgess said: "We're committed to bringing our Web-authoring product line to Mac OS X, beginning with the next release of FreeHand."

target="_blank"> MYOB Cynthia Mackewicz, general manager, said: “We’re excited about the revolutionary features of OS X that give users even more control and flexibility and are proud to offer AccountEdge for OS X.”

target="_blank"> Palm “We're hard at work on new versions of Palm Desktop and HotSync manager for OS X,” said chief marketing officer Satjiv Chahil. "We're committed to bringing all the performance and innovation benefits of Mac OS X to Palm handheld customers worldwide.”

target="_blank"> Sun Microsystems “Combining the Java 2 platform with Apple’s Mac OS X makes an already sensational platform spectacular,” said Rich Green, vice president and general manager of Java software. "Mac OS X expands the Java platform’s value proposition, giving Apple users equality in the use of Web-deployed graphical desktop applications.”

target="_blank">Symantec “Symantec currently offers several products that support Apple’s new platform, and will release a complete range of Mac OS X-compatible applications,” said Steve Cullen, senior vice president of Consumer Products division.

target="_blank">4D Brendan Coveney, president and CEO, said: "The enhancements provided by Mac OS X will allow both our 4D and WebSTAR product lines to provide better performance, speed and stability.”

target="_blank"> Aladdin Systems CEO Jonathan Kahn said: "We're excited about the release of Mac OS X, and look forward to offering all of our award-winning software solutions for the new operating system.”

target="_blank">Thursby Software Systems “In our 15 years of developing Macintosh software solutions, the potential for Mac OS X is the most exciting we've seen,” said president William Thursby. “The capabilities presented by the rich architecture allow us to further develop solutions such as our DAVE and MacSOHO products with increased benefits to our customers.”