QuickTime downloads exceeded those of RealNetwork's media players, RealOne and RealPlayer last year, Apple claims.

Eighty million QuickTime Player's were downloaded in 2001, exceeding the combined downloads of RealNetwork's RealOne and RealPlayer media players. The most recent version of QuickTime, QuickTime 5, was released in April 2001 and should reach 100 million downloads by April 2002. These figures are based on those released by Apple and RealNetworks, Apple claims.

“The data is simple and clear," said Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide product marketing. He added: "In 2001 Apple added more QuickTime users than Real added RealOne and RealPlayer users.

“This doesn’t even take into account the tens of millions of QuickTime players that are being distributed with digital cameras, software titles and enhanced music CDs.”

Apple's multimedia solution ships with over 150 digital cameras. Over one dozen new software titles incorporating QuickTime ship daily. QuickTime Live!, the annual event for QuickTime developers, takes place February 11–14, 2002.