Many owners of the new MacBook Air have taken to the Apple Support forums to complain and seek solutions for the annoying issues they’re encountering. A common problem some users are finding is that while watching videos on their 2013 MacBook Air, the volume will change unexpectedly.

One user writes:

“I have just purchased a new 2013 13in MacBook Air, and the volume seems to fluctuate by itself when I play back any videos.” 

Another user claims that the MacBook Air’s volume will only bounce around when the volume is near the middle and remains constant when the volume is very loud or very quiet. Another user has been able to confirm that the issue is also occurring with QuickTime and Chrome amongst other applications. 

Apple should be able to easily fix a seemingly simple issue like this, but it may take a short while for a software update to be configured. Customers who were planning on buying the new MacBook Air soon may want to wait the little while it takes Apple to smooth out the problems.

Other users have found that the screen flickers whilst Adobe Photoshop is running and Adobe has laid blame firmly in Apple’s court. In the discussion on the Adobe Forum, which started on 26 June, titled: 'Photoshop CS6 - Screen flickering when using brushes with new MacAir 2013', the author writes: "A number of users experience severe screen flicker in Photoshop CS6 when using any of the larger brush type tools (cloning, eraser, brush, spot healing, burning, and dodging).  As many on this thread are experiencing, it is awful and unusable! The flicker is screen wide black boxes, sometimes the whole screen goes black.  It only seems to happen when we put the cursor over the image to edit." 

Adobe's Chris Cox posted a reply, suggesting that a driver or GPU issue, or an issue with the LCD driver circuits, may be at the root of the problem. He points the finger of blame at Apple, suggesting that it "might be a bad batch of hardware." 

Apple this week seeded a new build of the OS X 10.8.5 beta to developers, which could be the answer to the Photoshop flickering when it is released to the public, according to MacRumors. A future iteration of the OS X 10.8.5 beta may include a fix for the volume problem too.

Additionally, some owners of the MacBook Air models were experiencing 802.11ac WiFi problems, Apple has began sending invitations to some users, asking them join its AppleSeed Program in order to get a pre-release version of an upcoming MacBook Air WiFi update. 

Since the launch of the new 11in and 13in MacBook Air models in June, users of the new models had been reporting WiFi issues that cause the internet connection to drop out within minutes of getting online. 


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