Aladdin Systems has announced that its StuffIt 5 Expansion package has been downloaded 2.1 million times. Based on figures reflecting traffic on Aladdin’s Web site, the sheer numbers reflect the staggering success of the package, according to industry observers.

StuffIt Expander is part of the StuffIt compression line, and has become standard issue for file transfer over the Web for the Macintosh. It supports hundreds of different file transfer protocols.

"We couldn't be more thrilled with the fast adoption rate of the StuffIt 5 technology," said Darryl Lovato, president of Aladdin Systems: "It's the best compression available. In fact, Apple bundles StuffIt with its Mac OS software, and its on every new Macintosh computer that ships - and it still tops the download sites."

Aladdin claims its Web site ranks in the top 15 Windows technology sites, and is number five in the Macintosh technology download sites.