Apple has 22 million active Mac OS X users, but there's a few hurdles left before they get to upgrade to Mac OS X 'Leopard', it seems.

A report on AppleInsider claims that a build of the forthcoming OS that was released to developers last week offers a "handful" of new features, but also has some known issues that indicate that Leopard won't be shipping in the next few weeks.

"With a significant list of known issues and a 'top secret' bag of tricks still under wraps and broadly untested, it would seem incredibly unlikely the Cupertino-based company will be ready to push its latest cat out the door any time soon," the report declares.

When the software does ship, analysts at the Banc of America believe the release will add millions to Apple's revenue when Leopard ships in the second quarter of 2007.

In a final note, AppleInsider cites sources who warn that Apple will not update its iPod range until toward the end of the year, perhap launching a full-size model that uses flash memory.