Verbatim has announced CD-R media certified for full-speed 24x recording.

The company claims its CD-R discs are the first to be fully certified to record at these speeds. They feature Verbatim’s Super Azo recording dye. The process is based on Verbatim’s Metalo Azo technology. This was developed by Mitsubishi to improve a variety of recording media products, including DVD-R.

Verbatim promises recording speeds approaching 3.5 MB per second on 24x CD-R drives, or 3MB per second on 20x drives. The media can be used with existing CD drives at speeds ranging from 1x to 16x.

The company has had its new media checked by most major CD-R mechanism manufacturers, including Yamah, Plextor and Ricoh.

Verbatim’s CD product marketing manager, Ron Hanafin said: “With our new discs you can burn an entire CD in about three minutes – about 40 per cent faster than 16x media. This is a significant leap in performance, but our Super Azo recording-dye technology doesn't sacrifice reliability or durability for speed.”

Verbatim also claims the dye process is more stable than others, and that its discs are the least affected by ultraviolet light. The company suggests a useable archive life of "over 100 years".

Pricing is unavailable at this time.