A report on Macweek states that 3Com intends producing Mac compatible versions of its AirConnect Wireless LAN products - and current PC versions will be compatible with Apple's AirPort wireless networking technology.

3Com belongs to the Wireless Ethernet Computing Alliance (WECA), other members include Lucent Technologies, Apple, Dell and Compaq. WECA is working to promote interoperability of all IEEE 802.11-based products.

The MacWeek report indicates standardization among the manufacturers, with a view to offering a worldwide standard soon. AirConnect is expected to offer both 56-bit DES (Data Encryption Standard) security (like AirPort) and 128-bit DES encryption.

A 3Com spokesperson said the company is aiming its AirConnect line at enterprise users, and does not intend competing with Apple's market offerings. Future PCI AirConnect products will offer older Macs access to AirPort capabilities too.