Maxon has released Cinema 4D Art R7, its 3D package for non-animators.

The solution contains all the features of Cinema 4D XL, and aims to help graphics artists create more realistic pictures in less time, Maxon claims. The package offers Cinema 4D's "advanced" radiosity engine, so designers can look for and apply natural lighting to their scenes.

The package also offers multi-pass rendering, which splits a render into up to 22 layers – so it's possible to post-edit isolated images and elements of a work. New features include adaptive anti-aliasing, blurry reflections and transparencies, image-based lighting and two new illumination models.

The application ships with a collection of over 20 procedural shaders, which let artists recreate almost any type of material – including volumetric wood and anisotropic (having different physical properties in different directions, such as brushed metal) metal. There's also an ExplosionFX tool.

Cinema 4D Art R7's polygon reduction is a drag-&-drop tool that lets artists reduce complex models to simple shapes.

The application costs £467.