Dutch developer Not a Number has released Blender Publisher, its application for authoring cross-platform 3D content, with Mac support in the form of a Mac OS X version of the popular application scheduled for December.

Blender has been available to many platforms (excepting Mac OS) since 1998 and is an open source application. It has been distributed freely since that time, winning praise within the Linux community – with the caveat that learning the application has a steep learning curve.

The basic Blender release supports environment and texture mapping, radiosity, and a host of advanced features such as particle systems and distributed network rendering. Blender Publisher has been developed for the creation of stand-alone, multi-platform 3D content to the Web, CD-ROM and other media.

Model app Integrating the original, Blender Publisher is a fully integrated creation suite for linear and interactive modelling and animation. It can import files from other 3D applications and publish them on the Web. Interactive integration is possible with presentation packages including PowerPoint, Director and Microsoft Word.

Ton Roosendaal, Not a Number's creative and technical director, said: "Until now, Blender has been freely available for anyone to try creating their own 3D designs, and we are adamant this will continue. But, with the addition of Publisher, our professional users will be able to transform their designs into marketable products." Blender Publisher costs $295.