Viewpoint has teamed up with 3D developers Curious Labs, Newtek, and Alias|Wavefront to make its Viewpoint Media Player Mac compatible.

Viewpoint is a patented 3D-streaming technology. Like many media players it operates as a browser plug-in. Viewpoint's 3D solution is widely used in e-commerce and online marketing applications, according to the company.

Anders Vinberg, Viewpoint's executive vice president of technology, said: "With the widespread use of the Mac platform among graphics artists and Internet authors, these 3D tools are crucial elements in creating rich media, whether on the Windows platform or with the new Mac version."

Mac player The company is developing exporters to take 3D files from popular authoring applications into Viewpoint's image format, and a Mac version of the Viewpoint Media Player is available for free download now. A player for Mac OS X will also be released.

Clent Richardson, Apple's vice president of worldwide developer relations, said: "The combination of Viewpoint Experience Technology and these authoring tools further reinforces the Mac's lead as the rich-media platform of choice for our developers and users."

Curious Labs' Poser 4 Pro Pack already permits Macintosh using designers to create animated 3D-characters for use on Web sites using Viewpoint. A media exporter for Newtek's Lightwave 6.5 will be made available this year, and one for Alias|Wavefront's Maya for Mac will be released when Maya itself is unleashed.