3dfx has announced it will launch the Voodoo5 5500 AGP 64MB graphics card for the Mac in October.

The company claims the decision has been inspired by strong demand for an AGP version of the card. The Voodoo 5500 PCI card won a "best of show" award at Macworld Expo, New York.

AGP stands for Accelerated Graphics Port, an interface specification developed by Intel. Based on PCI, it’s designed for the throughput needs of 3D graphics. The AGP channel is 32-bits wide and runs at 66MHz. This translates into a total bandwidth of 266Mbps, as opposed to the PCI bandwidth of 133Mbps. Faster versions are also available. AGP also allows 3D textures to be stored in the main, rather than video memory.

Smooth The card is the first consumer graphics-board to offer application-independent, 3D, real-time, full-scene anti-aliasing. Anti-aliasing is a 3D-graphics rendering technique that eliminates jagged edges and popped pixels.

3dfx is convinced that Apple should offer graphics boards other than ATI’s as a build to order option at the Apple Store. This, the company claims, will boost technological innovation on the Mac. 3dfx has developed very strong relationships with games developers, who praise its developer support practices.

Demands Bryan Speece, director of Mac business development at 3dfx, said: "Macintosh users have made it quite clear they are interested in high-performance graphics options for their machines, and Voodoo is the sole provider of full-scene anti-aliasing on the Mac today."

The Voodoo5 5500 AGP uses two VSA-100 graphics-processing chips. 3dfx is currently subject to court action by 3D-graphics giant, Nvidia, which claims 3dfx contravened its patents in the VSA-100 chip.

Other features of the Voodoo5 5500 AGP include 64MB of video memory, 350MHz speeds and a resolution of up to 2,048-x-1,536.