Apple's Quicktime technology is set to reach new markets following the launch of 3G (third generation) mobile phones that support the MPEG-4 video open-standard.

Tokyo-based mobile communications company NTT DoCoMo unveiled three new 3G handsets that support 3GPP, a technology based on MPEG-4, the open-standard underpinning Apple's QuickTime technology.

Analysts claim the adoption of QuickTime by NTT DoCoMo will help Apple broaden its customer base and branding.

The handsets have the ability to take pictures, which can be emailed and opened in QuickTime. NTT DoCoMo is also offering phone-based QuickTime subscription services, including news and sports.

Apple has announced that it will release an updated 3G-compliant QuickTime by the year's end. The update will feature support for the file format and codecs used by NTT DoCoMo.

Apple's senior director software of worldwide product marketing Brian Croll told MacCentral: "We've opened the platform to a whole new industry. This is big for the adoption of MPEG-4 and the standards-based approach."