CharisMac's CD/DVD-authoring application, Discribe, now offers a 40x CD burn speed – a first for the Mac world.

The company explains that the update from 32x to 40x "required work beyond what's required to add support for new drives" – adding that this is why its 40x solution is an industry first.

The update also adds support for a variety of new DVD recorders, as well as supporting Mac OS X and all flavours of OS 9.

The application supports 250 CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW mechanisms, as well as the creation of CDs in most formats. It supports the mastering of MP3 files to CD and includes AudioScribe, a direct-to-disk recording utility that lets you record vinyl, voice or tape to hard disk in AIFF format.

The application costs $69.95. The company is also offering a competitive upgrade to Discribe for $29.96. To qualify for the competitive upgrade users must simply own a competing CD-burning application.