MCE's 48GB Xcaret Pro Expansion Bay hard-drive is now shipping in the UK.

The drive – announced earlier this week in the US – is the 48GB version of the company's Xcaret Pro line of expansion bays for PowerBooks. The 48GB Xcaret Pro-99 Expansion Bay is designed for the 500 and 400MHz G4 PowerBooks. It also fits 400 and 333MHz G3 PowerBooks, and a version is available for earlier model PowerBooks – including 233, 250, 266, 292 and 300MHz versions.

The drives have a spindle speed of 5,400rpm – meaning it can capture video without dropping frames – and it can store around 220 minutes of digital-video content. The drives also integrate IBM's Drive Noise Suppression System technology. As well as reduced noise, the solution offers improved shock tolerance.

The drive runs off Apple' s hard-disk drivers, and both models can be used as the Mac's start-up drive. The drives are compatible with Mac OS X.

The MCE 48GB Xcaret Pro Expansion Bay Hard Drive and the MCE 48GB Xcaret Pro-99 Expansion Bay Hard Drive cost £579.

The units are shipping in limited quantities at this time, but will be available in greater quantity by September through AM Micro.