4D UK, publisher of the 4th Dimension database-development environment and the 4D WebStar Server Suite, is making 4D Standard Edition Academic 6.7 available free to academic and charity organizations.

Rob Wylie, 4D UK's general manager, said: "4D UK is committed to providing the academic and charity sectors with great database-development tools. With this fantastic opportunity to start using 4D for free, these organizations will be able to start meeting their information-management needs at no cost."

4D produces the 4th Dimension database and application development tool, which lets developers create any kind of database application, including contact-management systems, electronic product-catalogues and accounting packages.

Education extras The free product is a full version of the application. 4D runs an academic programme, including free lesson plans, example databases and other informational tools for educators getting to grips with 4D Standard Edition. 4D Standard Edition is available in Macintosh and Windows versions.

Also available for academic institutions are the 4D Developer Edition Academic 6.7 (£95), and 4D Web Extension Academic 6.7 (£95).

The offer extends to students, lecturers, administrators and employees of educational establishments. The offer also applies to associated medical facilities and registered charities. The free software is available for download from the company.