The 4D UK Developer Conference, 2002, takes place Wednesday, November 13, at the RAF Museum in Hendon, London, NW 9.

The company will demonstrate the forthcoming version of the product at the event.

It's the biggest event in UK 4D developer's year, and is ideal for those working with any 4D solution – 4D, 4D WebStar, or 4D Business Kit users – the company claims.

The event offers developers a chance to speak together, see some of the latest developments of the 4D product, and hear 4D founder and CEO Laurent Ribardiere discuss his vision for the future of the company.

Ribardiere will demonstrate and discuss the architecture of the next generation of the product. The event also promises "demonstrations of a significant new version of 4D shipping soon".

The event costs £85 per person (if booked before November 1); or £65 per person (if booked before October 25).

Booking is available online.