4D, publishers of the WebSTAR server suite has announced its plan to release WebSTAR 4.3, a free upgrade for current WebSTAR Server Suite 4 users.

Version 4.3 will offer improvements to the WebSTAR Web, FTP and Mail servers, the remote administration application and Sherlock-based search engines. Other enhancements include improved client performance, improved message bounce handling and better spam prevention.

The search engine element of WebSTAR has been improved, and 4.3 will support Web-crawling, indexing and searching of both Western European and Asian language and character sets.

Informed The company will post messages on the WebSTAR mailing lists, and posts on its Web site to let users know when the WebSTAR Server Suite 4.3 beta is ready for testing.

4D announced its purchase of Starnine, the original publishers of WebSTAR in March this year. To read the original story click here.