Responding to FileMaker's release of specific Applications for several uses, 4D has released a free application, 4D Meeting 1.0, designed to help users get better organised.

Meetings 1,0 is a meetings and task management system. It will organize contacts, send emails, create meeting agendas, distribute meeting minutes, assign tasks and generate reports (including graphs).

The product supports synchronization - users can sync data from 4D Meetings to Microsoft Outlook, Address Book on Windows and iCal on the Mac. This means users can import all their contact, task and event information from address applications that don't offer the wide-range of features found in 4D Meetings. Users can easily keep team members up-to-speed with their assigned tasks.

4D Meetings includes templates that let users send informative emails to contacts. It's also possible to build your own templates for this.

The application (for Mac OS X 10.3 and Windows) is available for free download.