Newer Technology has announced "the world's fastest 500MHz G4 CPU upgrades" by introducing 500MHz G4 processor accelerators. After "re-assessing market demand", Newer has also announced the re-introduction of a number of MAXpowr G3 upgrades for older Power Macintosh and Performa computers.

Newer’s 500MHz MAXpowr G4-ZIF upgrade, for all beige and blue-&-white Power Macs, comes with 1MB of L2 backside cache operating at a 2:1 ratio. It costs £639 (excluding VAT) and will be available from July 24.

G3 oldies return Newer claims that "a growing demand for high-performance upgrades for older Macs" has caused the company to once again manufacture the MAXpowr G3-PDS 6100. It now comes with
300-333MHz CPUs and 1MB of backside cache. These upgrades, which are available now, work in all variations of the Power Mac and Performa 61xx series of computers. The 333MHz card costs £299 (excluding VAT).

Also re-appearing on the scene is Newer's MAXpowr G3-L2. It has been brought back with a 400MHz G3 CPU and 1MB of backside cache. The L2 card works in a wide variety of computers such as the 5400s, 5500s, 6400s, and 6500s, and costs £349 (excluding VAT). It will be available from July 24.

Finally, the MAXpowr G3-PDS 7100/8100 is built with a 266-300MHz G3 CPU and 1MB of backside cache. These cards work in all variations of the 7100 and 81xx series of computers. The card will also be available from July 24, and will cost £349 (excluding VAT).

All the cards are available from AM Micro AM Micro (01392 426 473).

MAXpowr G4 upgrades use Newer's exclusive SmartSet technology, which allows the processor upgrade to set its bus speed automatically, meaning that users do not have to fiddle with switches.