In last week’s Macworld Reader Poll, 69 per cent of voters demanded that Apple sell its education-only eMac to non-education buyers.

27 per cent, however, agreed that Appel should stick to its education-only strategy for the new 17-inch CRT version of the original iMac. 4 per cent of the 727 respondents weren’t sure.

Comments included:

“Was this Apple’s contingency model for the new iMac proving too expensive to produce/market?”

It makes sense as you get a nice 17" screen. For me the iMac is useless, with its low resolution and tiny work area on its 15" screen. I can't afford a tower and separate monitor, so the eMac would be very welcome.”

“Apple is good at marketing - saying the eMac is not for everyone will create a lot of interest in it.”

“I still prefer the classic iMac shape, side access to ports and front headphone jacks - and all that power? Yes!”

“Put simply, I'd buy one of they did.”

“It’s an Apple product, and Apple is in the business of selling computers - so why not?

“Steep discounts for schools - good. But a cheap eMac to encourage legacy users to upgrade makes simple business sense.”

“Look at the spec - it's not actually great value, and it looks pretty awful, too.”

“Nowhere near as nice a deal as it sounds; this year's LC II. Would harm Apple's reputation in the long run.”

Why not? People have been saying they wanted a 17" iMac since they came out. I always thought good business was always give the customer what they want. I don't think eMac sales would cut into the sales of iMacs, but it may effect the sales of high-end”

“Why not organize a petition and send it to Apple?”

“Apple is missing the point. Apple will sell more of these than the flat-panel iMac if they sold it to home users.”

“They haven't changed their strategy from the eighties. Remember the excellent Colour Classic? Education only. Died a death.”

“Education is obviously a vital sector of Apple's business, but it shouldn't be developed at the expense of the rest of us.”

“What people don't seem to understand is that the eMac is being sold at an education price, to sell it to the general public would bring it's price in line with the iMac, and Apple obviously don't want the two machines competing directly.”

“Apple needs to boost its market share as much as possible, especially now OS X is standard. Focusing further on education and cut-price machines is the best way to do this”

“Then it wouldn't be an eMac.”

“If they are really serious about expanding their market base, this would help enormously.”

“G4s are best for OS X - why continue the G3 iMac when it only disappoints buyers?”

The G4 is essentially mandatory for OS X - I'd dump the old G3 iMac from line-up, sell this to all - but with a deep discount to the school/student markets. Objective is to get users of older Macs to get out their wallets rather than trading up from OS 9 to XP (shudder!).”

Give a discount to educational market - sure - but also pick up sales to people who can't afford iMac but want G4/OS X.”

“It would be good for Apple and customers - people won't be trading down from the iMac, but UP from their older Macs.”
“This is needed for mature students and others who do not have access to formal educational sales.”

“Targeting the education market alone, is the best plan. Get them early.”

“Not everyone can afford LCD. This is what budget users need!”

“I want Apple to be the computer of choice in the future. Children who learn on the Mac will choose this system as purchasing adults. Schools and colleges have a right to expect a discounted product.”

“Dump the old 15-inch iMac, in favour of this one.”

“Apple may go back to the 'too much choice' problem of previous years. Just make it cost effective for Education - make 'em feel special - that'll win 'em back. We hope.”