Archos is introducing a pocket-sized, real-time MP3 recorder and player, equipped with a 6GB hard drive.

The lightweight Archos Jukebox Recorder has a 6GB hard drive and can record up to 100 hours of music, or 500 hours of voice recordings in MP3 format.

It can record from any analogue or digital-audio source - including stereos, CD-players or via microphone. Archos' sound-capture device also has a built-in microphone.

Hi-fi music recordings are encoded at a high sampling-rate of between 128kbps (kilobits per second) and 160kbps. The capacity is 100 hours at 128kbps.

It connects to the Mac via USB, and ships with MusicMatch Jukebox software, so MP3 files can be exchanged between the Mac and the Jukebox. It also has a backlit LCD display panel, capable of delivering up to 12 lines of alpha numeric characters for displaying track names or recording options.

It ships with an AC/DC power adaptor, stereo headphones and a set of rechargeable batteries. The product will be available from high-street retailers for £299.