Work on the final draft standard for 802.11g, the wireless technology at the heart of Apple's AirPort Extreme products, is complete, said silicon vendor Broadcom.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.11g Technical Group has completed the draft - version 8.2. This will be presented to the IEEE Standards Review Committee as an amendment to the current 802.11 standard on June 12. No major alterations are expected at this stage, sources say. This means Apple's AirPort Extreme products are just a step away from approval.

IDC research analyst Ken Furer said: "Progress toward establishing this as a standard has been remarkable."

Other elements for taking the 54Mbps Wi-Fi standard into the mainstream are also in place. The Wi-Fi Alliance has interoperability testing procedures in place. Furer also observed: "Millions of pre-standard products are in customer's hands ready for a standards-compliant software upgrade. We expect market momentum to accelerate with its approval."

The standard offers wireless data transfer bandwidth of 54Mbps and is compatible with already installed access points based on 802.11b (as used in Apple's original AirPort products).