The draft IEEE 802.11n wireless LAN standard failed to move forward on a vote this week. Adversaries on the IEEE's 11n task force quickly issued dueling interpretations of what the failure means.

According to Airgo Networks, the lack of support means the group's members recognise the "desire for significant changes to the draft". But rival chipmaker Atheros Communications asserted: "A 'no' vote at this stage does not indicate that there will be radical change to the standard." Both at least agree that the standard remains on track for final ratification by the IEEE in mid-2007.

The draft 1.0 document was accepted by the 11n group in March by an 87 per cent majority vote. Then the task group began accepting comments and recommendations for changes. This week, according to Airgo, only 46 per cent voted in favour of moving the draft to the next step of the review process.