Coding Technologies' aacPlus audio codec has been standardized

This means service providers can rely on a single open standard technology for high quality audio services. By providing high audio quality at low bit rates, aacPlus opens opportunities for mobile streaming or downloads.

The codec's aready in use for the music download services of O2 or Vodafone, and is widely adopted in digital broadcasting and Internet streaming applications, the company said.

"The selection of aacPlus by 3GPP was the logical conclusion of what became apparent in the market," said Oliver Kunz, vice president strategic marketing at Coding Technologies.

Bill Valenti, CEO of Melodeo said: "With the broad adoption of aacPlus through 3GPP, Melodeo can now deliver high fidelity-quality songs directly to mobile phones in a file size as low as 500kb per song."

Unlike Windows Media-based music services, Apple already uses a variant of the AAC codec within its iTunes Music Store.