Ableton has released Live 6, introducing Quicktime support, a professional multisample library, and customisable racks of instruments and effects.

The software also offers multicore support, enhanced project management tools, and improved MIDI control. 

Quicktime video support lets Live 6 users drag and drop movies directly into Live's Arrangement View.

The software also provides an Essential Instrument Collection, a comprehensive library of multisampled instruments from across the musical spectrum, from orchestral strings and brasses, to classic guitars and electric keyboards.

Use Racks to create, save, and control customised groupings of multiple instruments, effects and plug-ins. Live 6 ships with many preconfigured racks with both instruments and common processing tools like guitar and bass distortion. 

Deep Freeze expands editing functionality with frozen tracks (temporary rendered files created to free system resources). Cut, copy, paste, duplicate and consolidate clips without having to re-freeze.

Additional improvements include: EQ Eight, which replaces EQ Four; Dynamic Tube, an effect to add analogue richness to digitally created tracks; Note Length, a MIDI effect that can generate new notes when incoming notes are released, emulating the release behaviour of instruments like the piano.

Live 6 costs €549. A downloadable version which ships without the Essential Instrument Collection costs €469.