Adaptec will showcase its new line of FireWire products at Apple Expo, Paris between September 26 and 30, 2001.

Products on display will include FireConnect for notebooks and the USB 2.0-compliant DuoConnect.

Jeff Loebbaka, vice president and general manager of Adaptec's Desktop Solutions Group, said: "Digital camcorders and DVD players are the hottest growth segments of consumer electronics. Adaptec's new digital-video solutions make it easy for consumers with a digital camcorder to view and share their home movies on a computer, or in most standard DVD-players."

Adaptec's FireConnect for Notebooks kit includes a three-port FireWire cardbus adaptor for PC and Macintosh notebooks, providing plug-&-play connectivity for FireWire devices such as hard drives, CD-RWs and camcorders. The card provides high-speed data transmission for digital video. The £85 FireConnect for Notebooks allows users to connect up to 62 external FireWire devices with transmission rates of up to 400Mbits per sec.

DuoConnect is a combination USB 2.0 and FireWire card. It has four USB ports (three external, one internal), and three FireWire ports (two external and one internal) and full USB 2.0 high-speed certification (which is also USB 1.1 compatible). It costs £110.