Adaptec introduced a family of Ultra160 SCSI products at Macworld Expo last week.

The PowerDomain 29160 SCSI host adaptor card is the first release in the series, it should ship in mid-February. It offers dual 64/32 bit Ultra160 SCSI - fast SCSI for Macs. The card offers both internal and external connections to Ultra160 SCSI hard-drives and supports connectivity to legacy SCSI devices through wide and narrow connectors.

The device offers double the data transfer rate of Ultra2 SCSI. It supports older SCSI devices, and uses the same cables and accessories. Adaptec also announced its 29160N single channel 32-bit adaptor, and its 39160 dual-channel 64-bit adaptor.

Adaptec demonstrated an array of 45 drives working with a Mac using its solution.

Bandwidth intensive Jeff Loebbaka, vice president and general manager of Adaptec's desktop solutions group, said: "Adaptec is committed to providing the storage connectivity required for bandwidth-intensive multimedia-production tasks."

The PowerDomain 29160 ships with two internal cables (UltraWide and Utra160) and PowerDomain control utility software. It costs £235. Further information on Adaptec's high-end SCSI solution is available on its Web site.

Adaptec also announced its making beta drivers available to support Mac OS X public beta. Beta drivers can be downloaded now for Adaptec's 29160N and 39160 SCSI adaptors. OS X drivers are also being prepared for Adaptec's 2930.

Code rewrite Pamela Schure, Adaptec's Macintosh marketing manager, told Macworld that OS X support means the company has had to completely rewrite the code, as Apple's implementation of OS X means that some tasks once conducted by the card are now undertaken by the OS. "Apple took some of our features and implemented them in the OS," she added.

"We're working together closely to ensure the SCSI implementation is robust," she said. There are difficulties for third-party connectivity product suppliers, she revealed. "Our feeling is that migrating to Mac OS X is going to be rough, especially at this level."

On Adaptec's refocused desktop strategy, Schure said: "Our Macintosh knowledge is now percolated through to our PC people. In terms of our products, we are gearing up to sell these cards as solutions rather than upgrades. This will be reflected in future packaging and marketing materials."

On other projects, Schure confirmed that Adaptec is actively working on USB 2.0 solutions, but confirmed that these were unlikely to ship until USB 2.0 products reached the market. Looking forward, she said: "We want to bring more products and more experimentation to the market."