Adaptec has released Version 2.6 of Jam, its audio-CD burning software.

The new release now supports USB and FireWire CD recorders, and includes new MP3 burning capabilities. Tom Shea, general manager of Adaptec’s Software Products Group, said: "The new features in Jam 2.6 offer fast and simple CD mastering, particularly for the growing market of garage bands and semi-professional musicians that want a low-cost solution for creating high-quality CDs."

The software now has MP3 decoding technology, so it can burn decoded-MP3 files to standard audio CD-Rs. The CDs can be played on any home, car or portable-CD player. The upgrade also offers support for FireWire CD-Rs.

Jam 2.6 also offers improved interfaces, and enhanced sound-monitoring controls. It costs £140, and registered Jam 2.5 customers can download the update from Adaptec.