Adaptec’s new SCSI CardBus adaptor for the PowerBook is now shipping in the UK.

First announced at January’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco, the PowerDomain SlimSCSI 1480 uses the PowerBook’s 32-bit PCMCIA slot to deliver speeds up to 20 MBps - four times faster than the built-in SCSI in today’s PowerBooks.

It works with Old SCSI Manager and SCSI Manager 4.3 to ensure compatibility with new and legacy SCSI devices. It’s designed to the PowerBook’s 3.3 volt standard to minimize battery drain.

The PowerDomain SlimSCSI 1480 is sold as a kit that includes the SlimSCSI card, a high density 50-pin cable and a 20 per cent coupon for a DB25-pin or 50-pin low-density cable. The price is £128.