Adaptec has released an update for Toast 4 Deluxe that offers native support for FireWire CD recorders.

Toast 4.1 is expected to open the gates to a series of FireWire CD-R product announcements.

The update also offers improved MP3 decoding technology - giving better sound quality and faster conversion between MP3 and standard audio formats. FireWire support means Toast customers will be able to use 12x CD-R.

In a press release, Tom Shea, vice-president and general manager of Adaptec’s software products group, said: "Adaptec is committed to supporting Apple’s FireWire initiative on the Mac platform."

The long gap between the release of Toast 4 Deluxe and the FireWire-enabling upgrade has caused mounting speculation about Adaptec’s position regarding the Mac. The company has remained tight-lipped regarding its intentions for FireWire support, and has made no comment in response to numerous enquiries regarding its future plans. The topic has also been hotly discussed on numerous online reader forums.

The update is available for download from the support area of Adaptec’s Web site.