UK reseller Mygate is distributing in the UK the DVIator, a DVI-ADC adaptor.

The company is a reseller for the product, and is distributing it in the short term while the product's manufacturers set up an official distribution channel.

The device lets Macintosh users run Apple's older ADC (Apple Display Connection) displays through DVI (Digital Visual Interface) connections.

Maneesh Patel, marketing director at Mygate said: "This is a cost-effective solution needed by Power Macintosh users since Apple launched its ADC displays. With DVIator and a DVI video card you can add ADC displays to a new G4 or upgrade an older Mac with Apple's current flat-panel monitors."

The device combines DVI video; USB and external power-supplies, and is compatible with all DVI-video Power Macs with a DVI card. The solution is available now and costs £109 from Mygate.

The solution is also available from a selection of other UK resellers.