ADI is launching two monitors - the 17-inch MicroScan M700 and the 19-inch MicroScan G900.

The entry-level M700 costs £129. An optional 3D kit is also available for the monitor. This costs £29 and includes 3D glasses and a 3D, infrared sensor to enhance game play. The monitor replaces the ProVista E55.

Smaller The manufacturers say the monitor’s plastic housing has been reduced in size, so the new entry-level display is 2-3Kg smaller than its predecessor. The M700 also needs 25 per cent less power than any comparable monitors on the market, ADI claims.

The M700 offers a 0.27mm dot pitch, a maximum resolution of 1,280-x-1,024 pixels at 60Hz and horizontal scanning frequencies ranging from 30-70KHz.

The 19-inch MicroScan G900 has a flat screen and will be available this November. It will cost £299.

The G900 is the first non-FD "Trinitron" pure flat screen monitor that ADI has launched. It offers a 0.25mm dot pitch, a horizontal frequency of 30-96KHz and image resolutions of 1,600-x-1,200 pixels at 75KHz.

The controls are accessed on-screen and the monitor also houses a built-in microphone.