Adobe has announced it’s shipping Cycore's £275 Cult Effects 1.5 free with every Adobe After Effects Production Bundle.

Cult Effects has 27 plug-ins created especially for Adobe After Effects software. This bundle offers a host of creativity enhancing plug-ins, including CE Paint - a vector-based filter for painting.

The plug-ins enable the creation of fractal-noise maps, radial shadows, and roughened edges.

Ron Okamoto, senior director at Adobe, said: "The addition of Cycore's Cult Effects filters to the After Effects Production Bundle, puts our customers in an enviable position.

"Not only do they have access to the best compositing tool on the market, but they benefit from our partnerships with companies like Cycore which allow us to include some of today's most popular
plug-ins in one package."

The £1,105 Adobe After Effects Production Bundle is available from the Adobe Store, or from authorised Adobe resellers.

Existing After Effects customers can buy Cult Effects 1.5 for £275 from the Cycore Web site .