Adobe and have announced a deal to extend the availability of Adobe's Acrobat eBook Reader and eBook titles through's e-book store.

The site will offer 2,000 Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)-based eBooks, including a diverse range of titles from major publishers.

The companies have plans to extend their alliance to Amazon's international sites in Germany, Japan and France.

Reading range Visitors to's eBooks store can choose from a range of Adobe PDFs - from childrens' books to business and education titles - and download Adobe's eBook Reader for free.

Adobe Acrobat's eBook Reader features full-text searches, bookmarks, text highlights and annotations.

Bruce Chizen, Adobe's CEO, said: "Over the last six months, Adobe has been making strides in turning the vision of Network Publishing into a reality. We have solidified and expanded relationships with key partners, to ensure that content can be managed, deployed and viewed as intended."

Adobe is also shipping an English-language version of Content Server 2.0, which decrypts and distributes Adobe PDF-based eBooks.

Chizen said yesterday in his Seybold keynote speech that Adobe is working to develop "one serial workflow to create, manage and deliver content" using the Internet as the backbone of everything it does.