Not just Apple but also Adobe seems illuminated in soft focus under Wall Street's limelight, delivering another record quarter.

The rosy glow around the company drove Business Week to speak with company CEO Bruce Chizen in an attempt to uncover the facts behind the company's success.

Basking in the spotlight, Chizen's doesn't hold back: "A good quarter? It was a spectacular quarter," he said: Adobe returned first quarter income up 23 per cent year-on-year, achieving net income of $151.9 million on near half-a-billion dollars in revenue.

The company's three key business units win praise: digital imaging products for consumers; digital imaging products for professionals and its Acrobat family of products. The latter division saw revenues rise 42 per cent.

"Even if one of its businesses stalls, Adobe has enough gas in the others to keep the growth engine running. Chizen is already hinting he has more up his sleeve - like taking on Macromedia and moving into mobile applications", the report concludes.