Adobe’s senior executive team is preparing for the company’s 2002 financial analysts meeting on Monday, October 28.

At 6pm UK GMT the company’s chiefs will deliver a business update to analysts, and discuss Adobe’s strategy and plans for the year ahead.

President and CEO Bruce Chizen will be joined by executives responsible for the company’s cross-media, ePaper, and graphics products. The company’s sales and financial team will also attend the meeting which is expected to last four hours.

Adobe met its revised third-quarter 2002 target last month, achieving $285 million in revenues for a net income of $47.2 million.

Chizen said: "I’m encouraged that, despite a challenging economic environment, we're planning for growth in the fourth quarter."

To ensure Adobe investors can access this information, the meeting will be webcast, though the company will offer this through the Real Audio and Windows Media Player formats only.