Adobe has announced InCopy 2.0, an application designed to aid writers and editors working in "cross-media" publishing environments.

InCopy 2.0 - which is built on the Adobe InDesign layout program - includes support for XML, and has an improved interface and editing tools, according to Adobe. Adobe adds that "InCopy streamlines the layout and editing process", and claims "formatting editorial copy is simplified for designers".

InCopy's interface now allows an entire screen to be used when editing. Copy can be edited in one window, while an "accurate" view of InDesign line breaks is displayed in a separate window. Keyboard shortcuts have also been added to improve workflows.

Table manners InCopy's new editing tools include a spell check and thesaurus, and tables can be created in InCopy, then exported to InDesign.

Version 2.0 - which will be released in the second quarter of 2001 - also includes In-Line Notes, that allow comments to be added to a document. The file, and comments, can then be exported in PDF format.

InCopy lets articles in XML be created, imported, edited and exported. XML-formatted stories created in InCopy can be directly imported into InDesign.

Ralph Brown, systems editor at The Boston Globe, said: "We have looked at several newspaper publishing systems, and InCopy shows the potential for delivering what copy editors need."

No UK price has been announced at this time.