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Creative Suite Adobe has upgraded its creative products, introducing two "Creative Suite" software bundles that replace the current Web, Design and Publishing software collections.

Creative Suite comes in standard and premium editions. Standard Edition includes Photoshop CS (upgraded from the current Photoshop 7.0), Illustrator CS (from version 10) and InDesign CS (from version 2.0). Premium Edition adds GoLive CS (from version 6..0) and Acrobat 6.0 Professional. Both bundles include a new file version-management feature called Version Cue for users working in teams.

Standard Edition is meant for users who design mostly for print but don't want Acrobat. Premium Edition, because it includes the GoLive Web-design tool, is for users who also design for the Web, Adobe said.

Integrating updates This is the first time Adobe has released new full versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and GoLive at the same time, the company said. The CS versions have been designed to work together – and in the future Adobe plans to synchronize new releases of the applications in the suite, which also has a single installer and single serial number.

"We are approaching this from a platform standpoint. We want to be the digital dashboard for designers," said Caleb Belohlavek, product manager at Adobe. "We have been doing a lot of things to integrate our products over the years, but when teams are on different development cycles it is difficult to align shared technologies."

One benefit of tighter integration between the applications and synchronized releases is file-format support across the products, Belohlavek said. In the past, a new release of Photoshop, for example, could require minor updates to other Adobe applications to support file format changes.

Standalone, too Adobe will continue to sell the standalone versions of its applications, but is discontinuing its Web, Design and Publishing collections that have been for sale for about five years. The Adobe Video Collection, a bundle of products including Premiere and After Effects for those who work with digital video, will stay, Adobe said. However, Premiere Pro is no longer compatible with the Mac OS.

The standalone products do not include Version Cue, but do support the collaboration feature, Adobe said. A graphics studio could buy one suite and several standalone products and still take advantage of Version Cue, the company said.

With the new version release, Adobe is also expanding its efforts to combat software piracy. After a trial with product activation in Australia, the company is now bringing the anti-piracy technology to Photoshop CS for Windows. Users have to activate the product online or over the phone within 30 days after the first launch, Adobe said.

Pricing Full-version pricing for Creative Suite Standard Edition is £775 (£910 including VAT), while Premium Edition costs £949 (£1,115 including VAT). Upgrade versions of the products are priced at £409 (£480 inc. VAT) and £565 (£663 inc. VAT), respectively. Upgrade pricing is available to current owners of Photoshop or the Web, Design, Publishing, Digital Video or Video Professional collection, Adobe said.

The English, French and German versions of the suites and applications will be available in the fourth quarter. Other language versions, specifically Japanese, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch and Danish, should ship in the first quarter next year, Adobe said.

A standalone version of Photoshop CS costs £515 (£605 inc. VAT); with an upgrade at £125 (£146 inc. VAT).

Illustrator CS is priced at £435 (£511 inc. VAT); upgrade £139 (£163 inc. VAT).

InDesign CS £609 (£716 inc. VAT); upgrade £139 (£163 inc. VAT).

GoLive CS £335 (£393 inc. VAT); upgrade £139 (£163 inc. VAT).

Acrobat 6 Professional £395 (£464 inc. VAT); upgrade £125 (£146 inc. VAT).