Adobe has acquired two Cycore plug-in technologies, Cult Effects and Atomic Power Evolution.

Adobe After Effects 5.0 is the first Adobe application to incorporate Cycore's Cult Effects plug-in technology.

The options in After Effects 5.0 have been expanded through several features, including Vector Paint, which has wiggle controls to create a hand-animated look and Fractal Noise, which simulates organic backgrounds and creates fractal-based displacement maps, textures and mattes.

David Trescot, director of dynamic media for Adobe, said: "After Effects users can let their imaginations run wild using these powerful tools. Our technology acquisitions from two of the industry-leading plug-in developers allow us to provide customers with even more tools for creating dramatic and powerful effects on the desktop."

Adobe will continue to provide support to existing Cycore Cult Effects and Atomic Power Evolution customers through its online support forum on Adobe's Web site. However, from yesterday, Cycore terminated all sales of Cult Effects.