Adobe has elected to discontinue Adobe FrameMaker for Mac, the company confirmed in a statement this morning.

"On April 21, 2004 Adobe will discontinue Adobe FrameMaker software for the Mac OS," the statement reads.

"Adobe FrameMaker 7.1 will continue to be available on the Windows and Solaris platforms. Complementary and fee-based technical support for FrameMaker for Mac will be available for approximately one year running through April 21, 2005," the company said.

Adobe last updated the product two years ago. The company explained that the move was dictated by "market conditions and trends Adobe was noticing with its FrameMaker customers." It appears, according to Adobe: "We have seen the Windows platform in particular become a larger share of FrameMaker sales."

"We have seen some customers request an OS X version of FrameMaker, but it's really hard to justify on a business level," MacCentral reports.