Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen will deliver the opening keynote address at the AIIM On Demand Conference & Expo between May 15-18.

The event takes place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia. The world's largest conference and exposition on enterprise content and document management and digital printing, the event's expected to attract 30,000 attendees this year.

Chizen will deliver a keynote address called: 'Beyond the Document: Transforming How the World Engages with Ideas and Information'. He'll talk about how using digital processes can meet customer need while making business more efficient.

"The explosion of digital content and devices is driving demand for better ways to engage with customers in more meaningful, immersive ways - wherever the customer happens to be, regardless of the operating system or browser," said Chizen. "Companies are struggling to make their critical business information and communications with customers more valuable."

Chizen speaks at 8:45am EDT on May 16.