Adobe has responded to calls to clarify the discrepancies in pricing between Adobe’s software products in the UK, Europe and the US.

As is the case with QuarkXPress, UK customers pay almost double what their US counterparts do for Adobe’s Creative Suite software.

For example a standard version of Adobe's Creative Suite 2 costs £809 in the UK (excluding VAT). It's $899.95 (equivalent to £483) in the US and €1,699 (equivalent to £1,171) in Europe.

An Adobe spokesperson said: "Products, such as Photoshop CS and InDesign CS - as well as competitive products in our markets - have remained at comparable rates in Euros to former versions."

The company blamed fluctuation of currencies as the main culprit, saying: "The issue is that the GBP currency is at a historic high vis-à-vis the U.S. dollar. The relationship between the dollar and GBP is volatile, and even economists are uncertain as to which direction the Euro will go next. If changes were to be made to reflect the currency fluctuation, the customer would be harmed when the GBP-dollar relationship swings the other way. It would also affect the European distribution chain as inventoried products change in value. In this environment, it is difficult for Adobe to be continuously tune pricing."

In conclusion Adobe stated: "Adobe policy has been to maintain the pricing in GBPs, so that at least the price the customer pays is not changing in relationship to GBP-based buying power."

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