Adobe vice president Bryan Lamkin has re-emphasized exclusively to Macworld the company's commitment to Mac OS X, and confirmed the company's plans to ship an OS X version of Photoshop soon.

Lamkin said: "The launch of Mac OS X delivers a powerful desktop-platform with enhanced stability and reliability for the Macintosh customer.

"To support this revolutionary operating system, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe After Effects, Adobe GoLive, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe LiveMotion are all either already shipping for OS X (in addition to supporting OS 9) or will be within the next 45 days. Adobe is committed to bringing all of its flagship applications to OS X."

Shipping apps Adobe announced GoLive 6.0 and LiveMotion 2.0 at Macworld Expo. Lamkin explained: "GoLive and LiveMotion are the most recent examples of Adobe's continued support of Mac OS X. Other Adobe products that are also OS X native include Acrobat Reader, After Effects, Illustrator and InDesign."

In a clear statement of support for the OS, he claimed: "The Macintosh and OS X will continue to be a mission critical platform for our Network Publishing customers."

Adobe's executive vice president of worldwide product marketing and development Shantanu Narayen, demonstrated a beta version of the future Photoshop running on Mac OS X during Apple CEO Steve Jobs' keynote speech at Macworld Expo.

Aqua looks Features seen during the demonstration included an anti-aliasing engine, an enhanced type tool, a built-in spell checker and an Aquafied, glowing user interface.

Lamkin revealed: "We are working on a new version of Photoshop, with support for OS 9 and OS X, which will be available in the first half of this year."

His comments confirm recent statements by Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen, who told Cnet that Photoshop would be released in the second quarter 2002.